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You have nothing to lose by trying!


The South West’s Tourism Awards are going from strength to strength – and we hope you’ll be part of them.


They launch in March/April each year, proceeding through three judging phases before reaching their ‘finales’ at awards events in the autumn and spring.


They include the South West Tourism Excellence Awards, Cornwall Tourism Awards, Devon Tourism Awards, Dorset Tourism Awards and – new in 2016 – the Bristol, Bath & Somerset Tourism Awards.

Why Enter?


There are numerous reasons to enter, the main ones falling under the headings of Quality Improvement, Promotion and Staff Morale


Quality improvement comes at all stages of the process, which starts with completion of an entry form that some compare to completion of an annual ‘self-audit’. Many entrants tell us that its completion brings business benefits of its own. 


Most entrants will go on to be mystery-visited, resulting in a detailed and constructive report that is often used to identify further business improvements.


There are also workshops to help businesses refine their skills – all designed to help entrants get better still in what is an unendingly more and more competitive field.


Finalists often cite promotional benefits as a major reason for entry, with these ranging from ‘winners logos’ for use on websites and plaques, stories to issue through press releases and social media, and a point of differentiation between you and your competitors.  


There’s also the chance to progress to even greater recognition, with finalists in matching categories being nominated to represent the region in the national VisitEngland awards.  For the past four years the South West has had more finalists than any other region – cementing our position as England’s top destination – and our goal is to keep it that way!


How to Enter?


Entry is straightforward, with all details, entry forms and guidance notes included at the five tourism awards websites:

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