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Form VO6048 - fill it in and don't get fined!

The next Business Rates revaluation is now under way.  The form for the self-catering sector is called the VO6048.  Over the next 15 months the VOA will gather the information in order to present the new Rateable Values. There are penalties for those businesses not providing the information...

From about Oct 2020 we will start to receive their new Rateable Values for each of our businesses and we will have a short window from Oct 2020 to query these Rateable Values before the list hardens and goes live with effect from April 2021. This is when all of our bills will be subject to the new Rateable Values applicable at that time.

You will all be receiving Form VO6048 through the post from the Valuation Office over the next days and weeks.

It is a legal requirement to fill in Form VO6048 within 56 days of receiving it.  The fines for not doing so are an initial £100. If you don’t send it in within another 21 days it’s another £100 fine and then if you still don’t it’s a £20 fine per day (yes £600 per month!) up to the total amount of your Rateable Value.

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