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Membership is available to two types of organisation:


The first are Membership groups that operate in the visitor economy in the South West. The British Hospitality Association SW, National Trust SW and Bed & Breakfast Association SW are good examples.


The second group are Commercial Members, these might not have Members but operate in the visitor economy in the South West. Examples of these would be The Arts Council, City Councils, County Councils and Universities, as well as marketing or PR companies focussed on this sector. The “Visits”, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset etc are also represented.


There are now over 125 Members covering all aspects of the visitor economy in this region.


Membership is free, and is available by downloading the Membership form and returning it to the South West Tourism Alliance. Your name will then be added to the Membership listing on this site, and you will be entered onto our database to receive the newsletters and invitations to the meetings and fund-raising dinners.


If you would like to sign up for our regular newsletters, please use the contact form, and put Newsletter Sign up in the subject box. You will be added to list.


If at any time you wish to come off the list, just contact us and we will unsubscribe you immediately.


If you require any further information please contact us

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