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29 March 2020



C19 - Update 29 March 2020
Safe & Legal - The Full Story

Since the demise of the RDAs, there has been a significant increase in companies that provide online platforms allowing people to list products and service such as tourism accommodation and car rental without there being any checks as to whether these products comply with legislation designed to protect consumer safety...

Safe & Legal

Tourism Sector Deal in Brief


The Industrial Strategy outlines the UK Government’s vision for the shape of the post-Brexit economy, by setting out the challenges and policy priorities to be tackled in order to prepare Britain for the future - such as improving productivity.


The strategy focuses on five key themes: Ideas, People, Infrastructure, Business Environment and Places...


Tourism Sector Deal External BTA Briefing – July2019

The Report from the All Party Parliamentary Group into the Sharing Economy


This report highlights the measures that the APPG feel should be put in place to ensure that the Sharing Economy is s positive, not a negative force in the wider tourism market. The report makes a series of recommendations, most importantly saying that there must be a level playing field for all accommodation providers.

This report was published by the All Party Parliamentary Group on the 18th July 2018 and can be downloaded here.

Impact of Business Rates Rises on the Self-Catering Sector


The report clearly shows the impact of the recent Business Rates rises on the self-catering sector, and is backed up by comprehensive data to support the findings. Download it here

CBI Brexit Report: Making A Success of Brexit

Includes a section on Tourism pages 76-79. Download here


South West Travel Trade Directory

This directory contains information on product and ideas for itineraries in South West England and is part of a cohesive strategy to help to promote the region. Distributed to international trade contacts and can be downloaded here

Guide to Working with International Trade for SW Businesses

The core purpose of this publication is to provide tourism businesses in South West England with information and intelligence that will enable deeper business development into the international sector. Download it here

The Economic Impact of The rural and Coastal Self-Catering Sector in England

Published in October 2016, a report by the University of Greenwich demonstrates the economic value of self-catering holiday accommodation. Download it here

Closing the Gap: The South West Peninsula Strategic Rail Blueprint

‘Closing the Gap’ is the Peninsula Rail Task Force’s plan for investment into the South West Peninsula’s strategic rail network. The plan was officially launched to Government on 22nd November 2016.

The plan defines the Task Force’s ambition of a 21st century rail network underpinned by three priorities:

  • Resilience and reliability

  • Faster journey times

  • Improved connectivity with sufficient capacity

Get a copy here

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