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click to access GRANTnetAre you looking for funding for your organisation? 

As a result of recent enquiries about the availability of funds in the region, South West Tourism has taken out a subscription to a comprehensive database called GRANTnet.

What is GRANTnet? 

GRANTnet is a straightforward, free to use, online database of funds that are currently available for a number of initiatives. If your needs meet the aims and objectives of the funding, then this tool might be able to match you to a relevant grant.

The main features of this interactive database are: 

  • An easy-to-use search tool.
  • Up-to-date information on over 4,000 grants and other incentives; GRANTnet is powered by GRANTfinder, a long-standing product renowned for the depth and accuracy of its information.
  • Rapid identification of funding sources specific to need.
  • Data sourced from EC and UK Government sources, including Government departments, local authorities, charitable trusts and corporate sponsors.
  • An Account Profile option, enabling you to store information (such as your location and number of employees) removing the need to input the same information unnecessarily for subsequent searches.
How to access GRANTnet

When using the system for the first time, go to the
'New to GRANTnet? Register here' link on the GRANTnet ‘Log in' screen.

Enter your details including your e-mail address (this will become your username), name, organisation, postal address and telephone number.

Clicking the 'Register' button will generate an e-mail providing a password within minutes.

Using GRANTnet

To search the database, you'll need to answer a few simple questions about the project or activity you wish to undertake and the type of funding required.

There is a three-stage process and, at each step, there is a HELP screen to assist you in completing the required information.

Once the information has been submitted, GRANTnet will provide you with an overview of all funding schemes suitable for the project, as well as an 'Extra Reading' information section.

Click to access GRANTnet



A useful resource easy to use and gives a comprehensive overview of funding and potential funders
Comment made: Tuesday 9th February 2010


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