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Do my insurers require me to carry out a fire risk assessment?

Published October 2009 Your insurance policy is unlikely to make it a specific requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment. However, there will most likely be a general policy condition that states something along the following:-‘You will comply with all legal requirements

Answered by our Expert: Melanie Birchell - Pavey Group

I run an attraction in Cornwall and have been told that under new legislation Iím not allowed to pay my full time staff double-time to work on bank holidays. Instead, Iím told that I can offer them another day off in lieu. Therefore their preference is to take off the bank holiday which I can't offer, as itís one of the busiest times of the year. Can you advise?

Published: 24th April 2009 The tourism business in Cornwall will be relieved to know that the information they have received is incorrect.The legislation referred to is likely to be the Working Time (Amendment) Regulations 2007 which have increased annual leave entitlement from 4

Answered by our Expert: Simon Sanger-Anderson - Tozers Solicitors

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Richard Baker
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Simon Sanger-Anderson
Tozers Solicitors
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